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Friday, April 17, 2009

List of Ways to Drive Traffic to your blog or website

    Traffic generation is skeleton of internet business except survey programmes or data entery. Generating traffic is what determines the percentage of sales you will make if you can be able to convert them to either suscribers or customers.
    There are a lot of product that one can get to generate online traffic including the paid ones and free ones. Generating traffic can be done with fun and easy if you know what you are doing. Without traffic, your online business is just like that sets a shop and no sales is made at the end of the day.
   However today i will not bug you with so much stories. Below i will just list different ways you use to achieve traffic you desire in your blogpost or site. They are proven and tested to be effective. Take the lists and exploit.
1. Article Marketing
2. Video Marketing
3. Viral Marketing
4.Email Marketing
5. Creating a Lead Capture Page
6. Affiliate Marketing Program
7. Joining Online Forums
8. Joining Social Bookmarking Site such as digg.com, reddit.com
9. Joining Social Networking Site such as facebook.com, myspace.com, twitter.com
10. Joining Internet Debate such as affiliatedistrict.com
11.Participating in Call Program or Webinar
12. Visiting Other blogs or websites and commenting
13.Surfing the internet
14. Keyword Utilisation
15. Through Riding on the Back of Known Marketers
16. Internet Real Estate
17. Ebook Syndicating
18. Use search engine optimizer
19. Allow those who visit your sites or blog to comment and you respond
20. Join mybloglog.com
21. Write to article sites like ezinearticles.com
     Try any of these ways. Use one a  time and fully maximise it to ensure you good at it before going to the next way.
    Come in future date to talk more on traffic mathematics. Be positive and see this achievable.

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