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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


     There are things that you need to consider when creating  domain names; spellings, pronunciation, number of characters and most importantly extension which can be called the suffices.
     The spelling of a domain name should done with ease with any rigorous brainstorming and tongue twisting. It should be able to be pronunced without any difficult. The no number of characters is very crucial in domain business. The characters should span from as low as 2 and not above 60. Finally, the most important of all is the extension. Extensions include .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz and newely .mobi. The most marketable is .com because it stands for commercial. The domain name you pick also depends on the niche you are targeting which will depend on the extension. These are the important things when creating a domain name.
    You can earn with internet real estate in the following ways;
1.Registering or buying and selling. You can buy for as low as $2 to $10 and sell for as high as $2000 depending on the market value. Domain like www.computer.com worth as high as $10million. Can you imagine
2. Parking. Search engines and companies look for ways to advertise their product and creating alot of domain names, registering them with domain brokers or registrars who will market these domains gives a good fortune of earning passive or residual income. A click on these domains pays between $2 to $10. You keep the domain name and park as many as you and just see money flowing to you. All you have to do is register the domain again when it expires with your broker depending on the number of years you registered that domain.
3.Taking a domain name with traffic and taking it to your blog or website thereby increasing your adsense fortune.
     Ways to Create or get Domain names:
1.Brainstorming and creating domain names. As many as you can think you write down
2. Purchasing expired domains by backordering or register delected domain as a new domain.  This stands to profit better especially if the domains have traffic streaming to them. You can check www.deleteddomains.com

3.Purchasing  a domain software generator and getting as many domains as possible. But the downside of it is that it might be a widely used software that most people has utilised. You to ensure caution.
4.Buying from one willing to sell.
    In internet real estate you need to give full contact data so that one interested in your domain can contact through your registrars.
  Kelvin Ham earns around $70million annually from internet. Can you beat.
 Why exploit this opportunity pal.
  Think ahead!

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