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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blog Advertising Opportunities

   Ads are major tools for any blogger to earn income online. The ads vary and their style as well. Bloggers however do not know of these types of ads to be use to make money online. Earning  online can be simplied if while articulated and understood. Below are the pay-pers that are working and effective.
1. Pay-per-action: This is however the more demanding type of ads where the advertiser pays the blog owner or blogger each time a visitor to the advertiser's site through the blogger's blog makes a purchase or order. If a suscriber to the blog comes and sees an ads and clicks on it, this will lead him to advertiser's site and if the suscriber or visitor now buys something sold on the site, the blogger is paid. The blogger placed the affiliate links and gets paid. Those offering include Amazon and Ebay. Direct ads post can be found under this also, where the blogger creates a spaces for advertizers to advertize and pay.
2. Pay-per-click: This is the easiest and the most popular whereby the blogger is paid immediately once a visitor or suscriber clicks on the ads on his blog. Can you beat that. This is the most lucrative. Pay-per-click is mostly made up of contextual ads. Contextual ads are ads that placed based on the contents or article on the blog. This is very effective in that it cause a suscriber to click because the ads placed to the articles thereby captivating the suscriber. Those that offer contextual ads include Google Adsense and Kontera. Text Link Ads (TLA) are similar to contextual ads only that they are placed based on a particular text in the page. Those offering it include Text link broker and Text Link ads.
3. Pay-per-impression: This is not popular but is great because just for advertiser's ads to appear on your blog, you are paid. This is just for the ads to feature on your blog. This type also pays the blogger depending on the number of ads placed. This means that the higher the number of ads, the higher the money flow. Those offering this include TribalFusion and FastClick.
   Money tools for blogs are enormous and if utilized, one can see himself riding to the crest.
 Think ahead.
Keep you posted.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Flipping of Blog or Blog Flipping

     Blogs market has exploded as a bomb  over the years.Blog flipping is an industry cannot be ovelooked veiwing the potentials in it, where companies are ready to pay to blog about their niches as they cannot sacrifice the time. Profit is the point of attraction to company indicating interest in a blog.
 Different ways of blog flipping.
1. Blog flipper can research a niche set up and develop a blog and sell it. This is done right from the foundation.

2. An existing blog that has potential, but is unproductive is bought by a blog flipper. The blog and build the traffic and sales are painstakingly built up to a level productive to reap a profit from their investment, and then sell it.
   When going into blog flipping as a source of income from home, there are several factor needed to be put placed to achieve maximum result and outplace your rivals. This can be a great source of income. It is an industry that is yet to be exploited. Take a look at the factors you can apply while going into flipping business.
1. Informed and higly creative.
2. Good and marketable domain
3. Blog must have a property worth value
4. Quality and professional appearance and presentation
5. Well developed traffic stream.
6. Having a good track of the blog especially the traffic
7. Setting the price tag.
8. Marketing the blog.
      As a newbie it requires patience and consistence as you would like to create an impression in this business. You can also try not to attach interest in your profit expectation and in some cases overlook profit to establish a relationship as this will lead to your explosion in the future with respect to this business. Give this a shot and you can be to have gotten another stream of income.
  Think ahead.
Keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Income from Internet Surfing- Part 2

   Here i will give the concluding part of internet surfing as homebusiness. 
   This is all about flipping or opening the listed website as mandated daily and earning your credit. In most surfing program, the more the number of website surfed, the more credit you get and in some cases there is a weekly draw for the highest surfer and gets cash rewards or gift. Can you beat that ?  This is a growing home business opportunity and why not give it a short. Below are surfing sites
  Think ahead.
  Keep you posted.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Income from Internet Surfing ! - Part 1

Internet Surfing is the internet by storm. It is a way for home business owners to add to their stream of income generation. Just relaxing before your computer and viewing for the number of site that you are expected to visit a day, you get paid for the veiwing of the sites. Surfing on the internet is very easy and you can operate in a different tab in the same window. Some internet surfing programs pay you into your account if you have paypal, alertpay or strictpay account. While some surfing programs are used to generate traffic to your site or blog. You can actually achieve this more with traffic exchanges. Why not add surfing to your list of income stream and exploit.
 Talk more on Surfing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Working as An Outsourced Call Center Agent from Home !

     Unlike surveys, data entry program, affiliate programs or other home business, you can do, however it is a cool way to relax at home and generate income. 
     Today companies, are outsourcing their help desk or customer support services. Just showing interest and applying can fetch you this home business.  Companies are looking for a way to create spaces in their offices. Wonder how it works? If accepted by the company,  you are given the job as an outsourced call center agent, you will be given an important software to help you with the calls.  The company will somtimes access you to acertain your efficiency. 
     You do these for  the company. You take incoming calls from people who are seeking help or who are inquisitive about the company's products or services. Also you make outgoing calls to potential clients or customers of the company with respect to their request. Sometimes the company pay for the internet connections. Sounds good!  You do this work from your home comfort without any direct boss over. The company pays you into your account.
   However there are basic requirement to start this home business.
1. Laptop or Computer set.
2. Good and active internet connective with a good broadband speed.
3. Headset with microphone
4. Quiet and clam atmosphere or room to listen and communicate effectively.
5.  Good communication skills so that you can be able to communicate with clients knowing that  characters vary as well as behaviour.
6. Welcome approach.
   This is a good short especially for nursing mothers or virtually anyone who wishes to establish a home business.
  Keep you posted. Think ahead.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Blog and Website Monetization Tools

  Setting up a website or blog becomes interesting if you know  how to make money and monetize ads. Google adsense stands to be the most profitable and reputable. However, there are other monetization tools you can use and see yourself make fortunes from ads.
  Today you will get list of monetisation tools you can use and place their ads on your blog and you get sources of income generation. These tools are compatible and must be neatly placed so that you can maximaize their potential.  Get the tools now and start earning. Below are they;
1. Google adsense
2. Text Link ads (TLA)
3. Chitika
4. Private Ads Deals
5.Affiliate Programs
7.Associates of Amazon
8. Blogads
9. Partners Network
10. JobBoards from Problogger
11. Netklix
12. Auction Ads
13. Sponsporedreviews
14. Kontera
15. Shoppingads
16. Vizupolls
17. eminimalls
   You can be sure to make earnings from this.
   You can be contact me on twitter or skype
Twitter ID: Chibunna
Skype ID: chibunna2
 Think ahead

Friday, April 17, 2009

List of Ways to Drive Traffic to your blog or website

    Traffic generation is skeleton of internet business except survey programmes or data entery. Generating traffic is what determines the percentage of sales you will make if you can be able to convert them to either suscribers or customers.
    There are a lot of product that one can get to generate online traffic including the paid ones and free ones. Generating traffic can be done with fun and easy if you know what you are doing. Without traffic, your online business is just like that sets a shop and no sales is made at the end of the day.
   However today i will not bug you with so much stories. Below i will just list different ways you use to achieve traffic you desire in your blogpost or site. They are proven and tested to be effective. Take the lists and exploit.
1. Article Marketing
2. Video Marketing
3. Viral Marketing
4.Email Marketing
5. Creating a Lead Capture Page
6. Affiliate Marketing Program
7. Joining Online Forums
8. Joining Social Bookmarking Site such as digg.com, reddit.com
9. Joining Social Networking Site such as facebook.com, myspace.com, twitter.com
10. Joining Internet Debate such as affiliatedistrict.com
11.Participating in Call Program or Webinar
12. Visiting Other blogs or websites and commenting
13.Surfing the internet
14. Keyword Utilisation
15. Through Riding on the Back of Known Marketers
16. Internet Real Estate
17. Ebook Syndicating
18. Use search engine optimizer
19. Allow those who visit your sites or blog to comment and you respond
20. Join mybloglog.com
21. Write to article sites like ezinearticles.com
     Try any of these ways. Use one a  time and fully maximise it to ensure you good at it before going to the next way.
    Come in future date to talk more on traffic mathematics. Be positive and see this achievable.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Staying On Top Of Blog Marketing News

Blog marketing is something that many take seriously. However, if you are into blog marketing and make your living off of your blogs, you are quickly going to realize how important staying on top of the blogging news is. Blogs are also known as web logs, and are used for many things. 
Onto your success.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


     There are things that you need to consider when creating  domain names; spellings, pronunciation, number of characters and most importantly extension which can be called the suffices.
     The spelling of a domain name should done with ease with any rigorous brainstorming and tongue twisting. It should be able to be pronunced without any difficult. The no number of characters is very crucial in domain business. The characters should span from as low as 2 and not above 60. Finally, the most important of all is the extension. Extensions include .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, .biz and newely .mobi. The most marketable is .com because it stands for commercial. The domain name you pick also depends on the niche you are targeting which will depend on the extension. These are the important things when creating a domain name.
    You can earn with internet real estate in the following ways;
1.Registering or buying and selling. You can buy for as low as $2 to $10 and sell for as high as $2000 depending on the market value. Domain like www.computer.com worth as high as $10million. Can you imagine
2. Parking. Search engines and companies look for ways to advertise their product and creating alot of domain names, registering them with domain brokers or registrars who will market these domains gives a good fortune of earning passive or residual income. A click on these domains pays between $2 to $10. You keep the domain name and park as many as you and just see money flowing to you. All you have to do is register the domain again when it expires with your broker depending on the number of years you registered that domain.
3.Taking a domain name with traffic and taking it to your blog or website thereby increasing your adsense fortune.
     Ways to Create or get Domain names:
1.Brainstorming and creating domain names. As many as you can think you write down
2. Purchasing expired domains by backordering or register delected domain as a new domain.  This stands to profit better especially if the domains have traffic streaming to them. You can check www.deleteddomains.com

3.Purchasing  a domain software generator and getting as many domains as possible. But the downside of it is that it might be a widely used software that most people has utilised. You to ensure caution.
4.Buying from one willing to sell.
    In internet real estate you need to give full contact data so that one interested in your domain can contact through your registrars.
  Kelvin Ham earns around $70million annually from internet. Can you beat.
 Why exploit this opportunity pal.
  Think ahead!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


           Internet real estate is goldmine that has untapped treasure which remains ready to exploited. But very few anticipating home business owners ever know of the money generating potentials of this opportunities. Want to earn passive income, take this business as also another opportunity.
         Internet real estate is also known as domain name business. You create domains names such as;
   1. www.quit .com
   2. www. arise.com
   3. www.fire .com

         These names are just examples.
        You register them with a domain name registry which serve as a broker for you who sells the name to any interested person from any part of the name. Domain name business has to do with only a URL or web address of a web page. You have not to do with website design and development expect you wish and sells it which can be added money to make. Domain name you register can be from any niche. You are restricted as long you are sure you are the only having the URL.
 First let me give a summary of what a full website is composed of. A website is composed of; domain name, web hosting and content of the website.
      I will all the composition of website and relating them to offline real estate. Real estate offline has been a long source of passive income for man. There are many ways you can with it. You buy a land and sell the same without any erection of structure, or buy the land and develop it like erecting a building and selling and so on. This are the major ways one gets income from offline real estate.

      Internet real estate, the domain name is web address as said earlier which only can be registered once. Just like in offline, no two website can have the same web addresses. The web hosting is the space or capacity the site will occup, just like the land size of the offline real estate. The content includes gadgets, articles and photos which can be found on the internet.
    Give you the conclusion tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jobs Working From Home!-Part 4

5. Earn as You Write on the Internet. 
This holds more prospect for folks that enjoy writing articles. However, is a job online that will give financial freedom as  you wish. It is for everyone who has  the desire to build his or her business empire.You must a expect or be anthor th begin writing on the internet.
     You earn based on the quality of the article writen. As said before, it will be fun for those who do love writing as a hobby but it will demand a little from those that wish to develop their skills in the area of writing.
    One rule that you should take note when writing is to write with respect to the topic you are meant to write on. No provoking words, phrases or racial comments. These means you must be knowledgable in the topic, you have to do research and collection of information on the topic before you pen down your article to be submitted.
    You may ask where will I write submit my article to? There are millions of websites in the world needing fresh content for their sites as well as bloggers who are looking for article writers. You can also be involved in writing ebooks, electronic magazines, newsletter, advertisement and more are all available for article writers.
   Reading same contents gets one bored, website owners and bloggers are willing to pay to maintain their traffic or people that visit their web pages. Imagine writing for a very good company and maintaining captivating contents will mean you don't have to worry of settling your bills. Writing from home is what you can give a look as another of passive income source. You sell your identity through forums and see calls for you to be paid just for you sit down use your pen to write.
Consider this as a medium to say farewell to your boss and be a boss of your own.
Get Earnings Writing Articles on the Internet

6 Earn  Weekly Stuffing Envelopes
   Looking for financial freedom working from home, this can be a good bet for you and your family. With no risk or cost, you can engage in stuffing mailing circulars envelopes for companies that may be localized or international based outsourcing for work

You can do this  at leisure time or doing what you doing best.

Go to the link and check

Earn Weekly Stuffing Envelopes

7.Submit Photos to the Internet and Get paid
   You don't tobe an expert in this for you to earn income from the net. You can learn and perfect yourself in this program.You just need a digital camera and take photos, upload to the relevant sites and get your earnings.

  It requires only you getting a computer, good internet connectivity, digital camera and you are  ready to get your earnings, as you earn. You show seriousness and dligency to succeed in this porgram. The photos you get matters. Know that you must abiding by the rules of the relevant sites.

 Submit Photos to the Internet and Get Paid

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jobs Working From Home !- Part 3

 3.Earn money Every Day with the power ATM

 Going to your ATM machine can never be same when you know this program. You can be sure of always withdrawing money without meeting an empty account. Step by step instructions will given to you to method to earn six figure yearly. You can access your account for money at any place you find an ATM machine. A novice can be taught and in no length of day, he will be earning from this program. You can set up a daily income automatically without you frequenting the internet.
Learn more from the link below.


 4.Blogging for Profit

  People blog for alot of reasons for fun, pleasure. relaxation or even to earn a living.In minutes a blog can be set up but to make money from your work requires time, little specialist knowledge and expertise. Desiring to have a job from home without traffic  amount to a futile adventure. Traffic and adsense program are major tools needed to maximise the financial rewards of blogging. You can blog for sites that pay as well as write articles. Article writing for blog post can be very rewarding financially as long as you have the creativity in writing and the knowlegde of the topic you are expected to write on.

First you need to sign up to get your blog but be sure to read the terms and condition of the program so that you will not disqualified after a well accomplished task. Getting  an adsense account from google will be the money account for your earnings. Try getting traffiic tools but be sure of the product you are buying so that you cab be sure to have value for your money. There are many programs you can use to optimise your blog using search engine optimizer programs.
Open a blog at


Get adsense account
www. google.com/adsense

Try this tool in

Earn money with AlertPay

Sign up and View and Earn cash rewards!

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout

Earn Money From Home

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