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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


           Internet real estate is goldmine that has untapped treasure which remains ready to exploited. But very few anticipating home business owners ever know of the money generating potentials of this opportunities. Want to earn passive income, take this business as also another opportunity.
         Internet real estate is also known as domain name business. You create domains names such as;
   1. www.quit .com
   2. www. arise.com
   3. www.fire .com

         These names are just examples.
        You register them with a domain name registry which serve as a broker for you who sells the name to any interested person from any part of the name. Domain name business has to do with only a URL or web address of a web page. You have not to do with website design and development expect you wish and sells it which can be added money to make. Domain name you register can be from any niche. You are restricted as long you are sure you are the only having the URL.
 First let me give a summary of what a full website is composed of. A website is composed of; domain name, web hosting and content of the website.
      I will all the composition of website and relating them to offline real estate. Real estate offline has been a long source of passive income for man. There are many ways you can with it. You buy a land and sell the same without any erection of structure, or buy the land and develop it like erecting a building and selling and so on. This are the major ways one gets income from offline real estate.

      Internet real estate, the domain name is web address as said earlier which only can be registered once. Just like in offline, no two website can have the same web addresses. The web hosting is the space or capacity the site will occup, just like the land size of the offline real estate. The content includes gadgets, articles and photos which can be found on the internet.
    Give you the conclusion tomorrow.

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