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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Motivational Speaker!

  The trend for motivational speakers are rising and they are becoming the most sought for. They can bring life to dead "cells" of ideas. They are highly being sought after in our contemporary world. A world characterised with alot of uncerntainties such as unpredictable government policies, need for other sources of income to supplement primary income soure, enexpected emergency, rising living cost. The aspect of motivational is a "goldmine" waiting to be tapped.
  The people who engage in this are boss on their own. They work for no one and they ascertain their working time.  The world is looking for people of this category . But not everyone that go into being a motivational speaker gets the breakthrough to make an income source. There are men like Robert Anthony, Steven Cover, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Edwin Cole and so on.
  Going into motivational speaking is demanding in that requirements are there in various form. What you need to can be relative to a successful motivational speaker but there are basics that pertinent for one to get a breakthrough.

1. Positive mind
2. Highly enthusiastic
3. Resourceful
4. Dynamic
5. Listening to those who are already established in it.
6. Connecting with likes in mind
7. Setting time each day to think.
8.Highly observant
9.  listening to construction talks, criticisms, views and situations
10 Suppressing a mind of negativity.
11. Believing in yourself and not trying to mimic or copy someone else may the way he talks, he moves, he smiles and so on. 
12. You have your own charisma, exploit that and see yourself explode maximally.
13. Set not your heart on the money at the onset but to get yourself established. You can do free presentation and until you get public acceptance and acknowledgement.

 The list can go on and on. But know if you can concieve it, believe it, you can achieve it. The greatest time wasted is the time getting things started.  Get started and hear you sought after with you seeking a time of rest.
You can make it

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  1. nice article,, realy inspired, how ar u doing, longest time


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