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Monday, May 4, 2009

Making Money from Non-Ads tools in your blog !

     Ads are unagruably the most effective and monetization tools for blogs and websites. The issue of monetization requires you trying alot of skills and tools to know which works for you better. You should know that is not always money guaranteed as the money you generate depends on the action of your suscribers who must click for you get paid.
    However, there are non-ads tools which if fully exploited and implemented and yield good income. In this article, we will only look at non-ads tools as previous articles has dwelt on ads. Tools are of non-ads are not what is far fetched but is close to be and enjoy. Tools include;
a. Writing a book in electronic format that is ebook. to showcase your potentials
b. Applying as a blogger to blog networks who seeks for professional and very dynamic writer to write articles.
c. Buy ebboks with resell rights and sell.
d. applying as a freelancer.
e. Selling a product or merchandize
f. Offering a guest posting service in a blog and also participating in others.
  Try these and see the results.
 Thinks ahead

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