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Friday, February 13, 2009

Source for It and Use!

 Source for information in our time is not a problem but source the right information from the right source is what determines whether you can go the next level of your exploit or remain where you are. Our problem is not the information but information surplus or overload which makes us to be confused on what decision to take or not. Business is void and virtual without information.
  It is not the money that makes riches but the application of the money that gives one his desired dreams. Investment or business without information is like going to till the soil without hoe. The frenzy attainable could be very misleading so that one will think that what is more of household topic is ever trusted. Know of Bernard Maydoff Fraud. Even Multinatiional fell prey to his gimmicks. The Nigerian Stock Market(NSE) will never told finish. After the Banks consolidation, the stock market became a household disscusion on every lips. People invested in equities without analysis that is either fundamental or technical analysis. The issue of Analysis will be looked proper in a future date. A lot of dead companies and non-performing companies were shooting up in prices with any fundamental. Raising the invisible hammer for unwise investors. These investors got their fingers burnt or rather their investment disappered. Well this not meant to beabout the Nigerian Stock Market game but to let you dear reader that without information in business or any investment, you are sowing never to reap anything. Don't be mislead final dividends in investment or business might come as trap inorder to convince and captivate you to commit all your money.
 Hold these now!
 Give you more later.
Stay informed.

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